Monday, April 09, 2007

Thoughts from a few days ago

Thoughts for Wednesday
Starting the day off reading Psalm 31 inspired me. Jesus cried out his last words having complete trust in God, his father. I remembered hearing this before but now that I am reflecting on it, why wasn’t it more important to me to note that Jesus prayed up until the end. His last words were in prayer. His last words are in utmost trust, even in the darkest, most painful time in his life. He trusted.

I felt the need to spend more time in prayer today and I went upstairs to my room but I did not shut the door because the cats were asleep on the bed. I lit the candle and sat down and began my process of emptying myself so I can quiet inside. After a period I heard a cat jump off the bed. I went back to being quiet when I heard a cat scratching himself off to my left. I looked left and there was Goose staring at me in the doorway. I ignored him. He then walked in and brushed the side of the wall, brushed the front of my legs, jumped up on the bed, walked around and took a position looking out the window. I continued to ignore him. After some period, he jumped down off the bed and walked under my legs ensuring he brushed my legs with his tail. I ignored him. I guess I should keep the door shut no matter what.

I did feel well enough to go out for a ride. My nose had been bothering me for a few days and it kept me from sleeping well. I went out and on my return, I was in Reston when I was getting ready to cross a road where I knew I had the right of way when I noticed a SUV approaching. It appears mom was too preoccupied talking on her cellphone, adjusting something down to her right with a child in a car seat in the rear. She never looked up and saw me. I would have been a bump as she drove over me. In Vienna, I approached an intersection that I did not have any right of way on and stopped to wait for traffic to clear. A mini-van stopped and flashed it’s lights to let me cross. Tale of two stories. One of thankfulness and one of thankfulness. Thanks to God for telling me to watch that person and thanks to that person for being kind to me.
I sit in an empty house that I have seen hundreds of persons at. Dorothy’s spirit is here. You can feel it. The love she had for hospitality is still here.

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