Monday, December 31, 2007

Blessing of Peace

Eternal wellspring of Peace,
May we be drenched with the longing for peace
that we may give ourselves over
as the earth to the rain, to the dew
until peace overflows our lives
as living waters overflow the seas.

Book of Blessing p250

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Strange sightings

Out for a bike ride I am going by a pond that there are white swans residing in it. As I go by I see a mitre hat and I thought the Pope must have jumped in and lost his hat. Funny it was a swan mooning me while looking for food on the bottom.
I must get my glasses checked.

Fruit Cake

I had a unique experience last week. While we were at the cannery, a family was making their annual fruitcake. I am not a fan of fruitcake but this was interesting. They mixed the mix and then put it into 15 oz cans then wrapped the tops with aluminum foil in the shape of a chimney. The cans were then put in the steamer for about 30 minutes then removed. The aluminum foil was removed and the cake that had risen above the top of the can was sliced off. The cans were then sealed and then steamed again for 30 minutes.
I had the chance to try some of it, reluctantly, and was quite surprised that it was an apple sauce, nutmeg and cinnamon flavor and was good.
My opinion of fruitcakes has been changed forever. It takes one good one to erase years of bad cakes.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I needed to get a good spin in and think about my day ahead. I had the Ipod on random while warming up and a song I had not listened to recently came on. I heard the words:
Though I'm many miles away
I'll forever hear you say
I am your child
Please will you love me
Won't you stay my little one

I live to change your world
I live to change your world
Oh how you've changed my world
Know the kindness of God
Will make a way
(Darlene Zschech - Change your world)

Sweat is dripping off of me, my heart rate is about 150,
I am spinning at 90rpm and all I can think is we need to change a little everyday.
Not a lot but a little.
Just keep on changing because that is what God is calling me to do.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Adventures

Making stew with one of my churches ended up being the most interesting Friday I have had in a long time. After a fire drill last night, today seemed more interesting. Learning the house beside the old parsonage that we had just sold burned down, they were being evicted and they thought it was my house on fire last night, I had to explain to another pastor’s spouse that we had moved into a house that actually is livable…

Going up to the cannery this morning proved interesting. I had no idea why people were going so slow until I hit my brakes and the ABS kicked in. We have ice. Black ice. The kind you can not see. I was wondering why all the school buses had pulled off the roads and were sitting there. I came to find out later that the rain we had was not expected and the temperatures were cooler than expected. My little thermometer in my car said 28 and it was raining. The cars on the road were doing about 15 and I said, they live here, they know the roads, best that I just follow. After passing two cars off I the ditches, I am thankful that the inner voice told me to be cautious.
While making stew, a worker from the school came in and told us what was going on and that the school was closed. Nothing we could do except keep on stirring.

I got home smelling like stew, showered and had 2 cats love me because I still smell. All in all, I really productive day full of blessings and grace.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How to look busy

During the season, the clergy I know are quite busy, but are we forgetting our focus? I think that the coming light gives hope, the coming light is a gift to us and the exchanging of gifts just is not about the latest gadget but what is in our hearts. Exchange love, give peace, look for joy, bring hope. That is my plea today.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Feelings after a Visit

I visit
There is light, barely.
Your eyes don’t have that smile I remember
You look at me or it feels like you are looking through me.
Where is the curl in the corner of your lips?
I am talking to you but there is no response.
I hold your hand, it is cool to the touch.
The bed alarms are making noises.
I pray for you. I ask for blessings for you.
I say goodbye and I struggle.
Mary, Your life was once so full.
Now you just lie in bed.
Are you there?
I am I reaching you?