Sunday, June 12, 2011


So I go out for a normal 40 mile ride. I am climbing the hill by my house to get home when I hit a pothole, a wheel-sucking pothole that took me out. My shoulder took the brunt of the fall and I broke helmet #6(Over 22 years). I was on the hook for training at 11 and delivering food for 65 homeless people but was able to get the times moved for both of these so I could go to the ER. I showered when I got home and cleaned myself up, best as I could. I knew things were getting bad when I could no longer lift my arm up. I get there and the docs found every sore spot on me. I did not realize that my hip was really bruised too. Xrays were negative as for breaks but getting the Xrays was a very painful experience. They scrubbed my wounds gave me a tetanus shot, a prescription for serious pain killers and sent me home with the warning it is going to hurt worse tomorrow. So far, no pain killers but I am sore and uncomfortable.
Weather is supposed to be cool the next 2 days and I can't ride.


Off to church.....

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What has life to offer?

Sitting here with a bowl of cherry pits wondering who ate the cherries? An I don't even like cherry pie.
My thought is that I got a bad deal, a real bummer. But it does happen.

Monday, June 06, 2011

feeling in prayer

I find myself praying and hoping to understand so much, yet I cannot discuss them with others.
Wondering why God listens when I need to be talking to others too.

Missing so much right now.