Thursday, April 19, 2007

A bike ride for a Thursday

I decided to go for a bike ride after writing a sermon. I needed time to think about what I wrote. Rain was threatening but I said that I needed to get outside.

I suited up and questioned whether I needed tights or not and chose not too.
I got everything ready and then put on my helmet. I could not figure out why it was so hard to get it right and why it felt so bad. Then I asked myself “where are my glasses?” Under my helmet.
I headed out and seemed to hit really light traffic. As I passed Wilson Boulevard, I passed another bicyclist. Further on, closer to Falls Church, I slowed down because of the curves and the other rider caught up with me. As we waited at a light to cross the rode, I looked up and saw a bald eagle being chased by two crows. Something I’ve never seen in Falls Church. We talked for a whole as we rode I lost him when I charged a green light I knew had a short cycle. The other rider didn’t make it and had to wait. I kept on going and after I crossed through Vienna, I encountered 5 deer and seemed to chase them down the trail for about 100 yards. I slowed down so they could make a break for it.
Once I entered Reston the rain started. I questioned whether to turn around and make it a 33 miler or press on toward Herndon, my planned route. I pressed on and there were very few people out. I had rain dripping off my glasses and kept second guessing myself. I did make it to Herndon and then took my street route turn around and headed back, as fast as I dared to ride.

Once I was past Reston, the rain stopped. I had no problems as I stopped in Vienna at a store looking for a specialty item that I need to make scones. They did not carry it… I was bummed. I remember the thoughts I had about daffodils and dandelions. I think God likes dandelions more than daffodils. Why? There are so many of them and they last longer. I would make a change if God gave me the option.
I remembered that I forgot my epipen as I saw all the flowers and trees in bloom. Dumb move….

I made it back and called da wif. She asked me how my knee was. I then straightened my leg and made funny sounds as I realized I was in pain. She noticed I was then breathing hard. I went and took more painkillers and cleaned up.
A little rain and a good bike ride. 40 miles in about 2 hours. I still don’t like my knee.

I didn’t think about my sermon the whole time.

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