Tuesday, December 25, 2012


So I go out for a normal 40 mile ride. I am climbing the hill by my house to get home when I hit a pothole, a wheel-sucking pothole that took me out. My shoulder took the brunt of the fall and I broke helmet #6(Over 22 years). I was on the hook for training at 11 and delivering food for 65 homeless people but was able to get the times moved for both of these so I could go to the ER. I showered when I got home and cleaned myself up, best as I could. I knew things were getting bad when I could no longer lift my arm up. I get there and the docs found every sore spot on me. I did not realize that my hip was really bruised too. Xrays were negative as for breaks but getting the Xrays was a very painful experience. They scrubbed my wounds gave me a tetanus shot, a prescription for serious pain killers and sent me home with the warning it is going to hurt worse tomorrow. So far, no pain killers but I am sore and uncomfortable.
Weather is supposed to be cool the next 2 days and I can't ride.


Off to church.....

Remembering Christmas Past

Rachel. I held her three years ago as I baptized into the Church. I wonder how she would grow up if she had the chance. She did not.
I was sitting with a woman who found a tumor in her chest and was worried about celebrating Christmas. I wonder how she is.
I figure that I may never know, but the memories still serve me.

This Christmas I am remembering those I sat with this year as their light faded. Lord, Bless them. You are not forgotten by me.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

My brain hurts

Sleep is still an issue for me. My heart is still trying to figure out so much.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is getting old allowed?

I am reading about others having babies and those babies having babies. Watching life move is humbling and a cause for regret. I keep wondering what if. I guess what if is better than why.