Thursday, April 05, 2007

Epiphany by the washer...

This Maundy Thursday has started rather interestingly for me. I had an overdue massage, then went to the church to set up the sanctuary for the service. It is in Taize so we had lots of time for silence. I was so relaxed that I was able to slip right into a meditative state. When the preacher said amen, I about jumped out of my chair.I then went to a Laundromat to wash a down comforter. I sat there reading "Leaving Church" sharing some cookies with a child. (me in a purple tie, him in kid clothes).When BBT quoted Walter Brueggemann, I knew this was so right today."the world for which you have been prepared is taken away from you, by the grace of God".
Our journey through school is ending and on this day, Jesus' journey, for which he is prepared is ending. The world awaits us. By the grace of God.
Grace and Peace. May God bless you this day and everyday.

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