Saturday, April 07, 2007

3 AM

If I awake with thoughts in my head, I found it more fun to run with them than to run from them. I call this middle of the night poetry.
3 AM and I awake to the sound of shear silence.
My body is warm, the sweat on my temples runs down into my eyes.
I thirst.
I sense the light in the house.
I rise and find lights on, realizing I am the guilty.
The project I wanted to finish was interrupted by sleep.
I find cool water to make the warmth subside.
I look outside and see snow on the cherry blossoms.
I suddenly do not feel so warm.
My mind wanders to snow on Roses and the tender, gentle petals.
I return to bed and Alex joins me.
He comes under the covers, curls up next to me, head under my chin.
He purrs himself to sleep. He uses me for warmth.
I listen to the breathing of all the living creatures around me.
Constant. Resting.

The sound of the silence is all around me.

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