Thursday, February 05, 2009




We are all on a journey.

The paths and trails we follow to try to find what we are seeking.

The paths and trails are trials of ourselves

We follow these paths and trails to the sea and ask;

Where is the boat so that we can cross this blue expanse?


Somewhere a voice says to us, “build it.”  So we built it and cross the sea.


We follow these paths and trails to a deep crevice and stop.

We look over and see the other side and think our journey is at an end.

But we seek to find ways to the other side.

We traverse the trail and path down so can face our fear of the darkness at the bottom.

We slog back up the other side and start on the journey again.


We come to another crossing.

A major raging river that no boat can cross.

This river is full of our fears.

The things that scare us.

We stop and ask now what.

Where is the bridge so that we can cross to continue on our journey?

A voice will say to us, “build it.”

“With what?”  We will ask.


“It has been provided, you have enough,” is what we hear.

We start to wonder what has been provided.

We stop and let our feelings come over us.


We don’t know what to do.

We don’t know where to turn.

We drop to our knees and sob.

A hand reaches out to us and says,


You have been provided enough.

Turn around and look.

Your trials along these paths and trails are filled with the blessings you have left.

Look at the faces of those behind you.


All along the paths are the flowers that we have left littered by the ones we have touched.

Your path pilgrim is not complete. 

There are more flowers to be left and people to touch.

Our journey is still on.

Pilgrim.  You have enough.

Just ask for help.

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