Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life on the 20th

This happened yesterday.
I went to the bus stop expecting to catch a bus then take a train to downtown to watch the inauguration. I had just missed one bus when another one pulled up. It said “Special” on the side and the bus driver yelled out “Hop on, free ride” So I got on and so did everyone else. The bus was full yet I had no idea where I was going. The bus pulled away and stopped at a light and allowed a family to cross the street and get on too.
The bus then gets on the highway which was empty of cars and drives us straight into the city and drops us all off 1 block from where I wanted to be.
What a wonderful start to the day. It was something that the day gifted me.

God of gifts.
Would I know that I need to get on the bus when it comes by?
Would I see the joy and excitement on the faces of your children?
Would I have faith to go where it takes me?
Lord I pray that I can always trust so much.
For you lead me to places that are wonderful.
Your grace keeps me warm.
Your children surround me with excitement.
I just need to be willing to get on.

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