Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Adventures in lawnmowing

Sheer terror and fear that drains the blood out of you. Doesn’t sound much like lawn mowing does it? It is. After 3 days of rain we get a nice, sunny dry day before another day of rain. I had decided to mow the lawn because it was looking kind of bad for tomorrow. All my neighbors had the same idea so here we all are, out doing yard work except for me, it didn’t start that way.

Sheer fear. I went out to get the lawnmower out of the shed. There is a flowering tree out back right above the shed and it is in full bloom. I opened the door and noticed a loud hum above my head so I looked up and saw that the tree was full of honeybees. The blood drained from me. My first thought was “Where is my Epipen?” I remembered I keep it with my helmet and I have told “da wif” where the other ones are. I did get the lawnmower out and then brought it around front to “da wif’s” car where she has a plug in pump for tires. I got the tires all pumped up and everything put away so it was time to start mowing…

Sheer terror. I had left it in gear when I turned the lawnmower off, so when I pulled the starter line, it leaped away from me so here I was trying to turn it off, trying to turn it away from “da wif’s” car and other things in the yard. I managed to turn it off, get my wit about me and then mowed the lawn. I wonder what it looks like to be in sheer terror.
I am done mowing, now I smell like onions…..

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