Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Rainy day at the beach

I went to the beach for some time away and ended up doing work anyway.
Here are my thoughts as I watched the rain.

I should be studying…

Da Beach.
It comes down and the people move in.
The flip flops are no more as shoes come out of the closet.
The beaches are empty,
The footprints washed away.
The birds stand as they wonder where the next french fry is going to come from.
Puddles are everywhere and so are the cars.
Restaurants are full as the people scramble indoors.
The clouds, dark and dreary bring needed relief.
The air is heavy, the wind is calm,
The waves gently wash onto the beach and find no footprints to cover.
A set of toes finds the surf.
It is still warm.
Ah, vacation on a rainy day.
Life turns inward.

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