Monday, March 30, 2009


The Rev. John Angle of the Hope Trust brought a group over to Gaza on Monday.  The issueof  getting through the border was the group had to walk 1.5 miles across the border so they borrowed everyone's rolling suitcases to bring items to the Lighthouse School that they support.
When they got back last night they told us about the checkpoint searching one of their group, a 70 yearold woman form more than three hours including X-rays.  John himself was detained for 2 hours while they asked questions of him like his fathers names and grandfathers names.  
The group arrived back about 5 hours later than they thought and started sharing pictures.
Everything is pretty well flattened and building can not resume.  They destroyed all the factories.
I was talking to one of the group when they said they destroyed the cement factory so there is no way of starting rebuilding.  My comment was that they are attempting to destroy hope.  
 Hope wins...  It always does.  John and his group knows this.

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