Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lunch Buddy

I was asked to be a lunch buddy at one of the local elementary schools. I signed up, went through the mandatory background checks, then said I am available to anyone that needs a buddy. I was assigned a 3rd grader. This has been so much fun because I go in every few weeks and sit down at tables about half human size and eat fine dining, elementary school style. I also see kids from the local churches and neighborhoods that know me. It is so funny to see the smiles and waves from all of the kids. Well today, I had lunch with my “Honor roll lunch buddy” as I called him. He smiled and it was good to see him start to relax. I just love seeing all the smiles and hearing the stories from them. The kids in trouble for break dancing during PE. The kids having a silent lunch for talking out of turn. The strange things you can do with ketchup. I think this is a break from the past two weeks I have had. Seeing young ones is always a treat.

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