Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Adventures

Making stew with one of my churches ended up being the most interesting Friday I have had in a long time. After a fire drill last night, today seemed more interesting. Learning the house beside the old parsonage that we had just sold burned down, they were being evicted and they thought it was my house on fire last night, I had to explain to another pastor’s spouse that we had moved into a house that actually is livable…

Going up to the cannery this morning proved interesting. I had no idea why people were going so slow until I hit my brakes and the ABS kicked in. We have ice. Black ice. The kind you can not see. I was wondering why all the school buses had pulled off the roads and were sitting there. I came to find out later that the rain we had was not expected and the temperatures were cooler than expected. My little thermometer in my car said 28 and it was raining. The cars on the road were doing about 15 and I said, they live here, they know the roads, best that I just follow. After passing two cars off I the ditches, I am thankful that the inner voice told me to be cautious.
While making stew, a worker from the school came in and told us what was going on and that the school was closed. Nothing we could do except keep on stirring.

I got home smelling like stew, showered and had 2 cats love me because I still smell. All in all, I really productive day full of blessings and grace.

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