Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life in a rural area:

Seeing the swallowtail butterfly all over the area is just a blessing, then to know that the tiger swallowtail butterfly is the state butterfly and it is plentiful around here is just so different that what I am used too. I have seen monarch butterflies and that was a shock to me. I am absolutely amazed at all the butterflies around here. It reminds me of a person in my life who was fond of butterflies. May she rest in peace.
I was also saw the first ruby throated hummingbird in my backyard this morning. I have been thinking about getting a hummingbird feeder but am not sure where to put it. Now that I know there are a few in my area, I am considering it more.
We have two chipmunks in our yard. Chip in the front and Munk in the back. They do a good job of cleaning up under the bird feeder but they can not be in the same area at the same time. They will jump each other and it is so funny to watch these little critters fight. It lasts about 1 second. I also think it is neat that they ignore or chase the birds on the ground. Watching this little guy standing up to a bluejay is a sight.
We have deer and rabbits in the yard but da wif seems to not see them.

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Going with the flow said... you ARE a blogger! This would be a great place to post those local yocal behaviors and sayings that are so amusing and colorful. I just love living in this area.
Linda and David Wolf's blog is They title it Safarnameh (the Farsi language word for "travel letter") is the weblog of two American Quakers doing God's work in Iran.
I would suggest that you hang one or two hummingbird feeder/s close to where you can sit outside. They are not shy. If you like quick fights, hummingbirds have some of the shortest. You can hang the feeder from a shepards hook, a plant hanger, a cup hook, or just about anything study enough to dangle.