Sunday, August 22, 2004

started with a word file

Blog 5 June 04. Rain. Bike ride postponed until it stops. Think I will paint the trim without getting wet. Got to get the back gutter unclogged.
Blog 31 May 04. I am sleeping horrible. Too tired to do the things I want to do. Set uo wireless router and DSL is much faster. Went for a ride in the afternoon and almost got hit by a deer in Vienna. I think we were both kind of spooked. Fun to chase that guy down on his super road bike and me on a cyclecross bike. I think I surprised him by keeping up with him
BLOG 30 May 04. Replacing the wood trim around the garage was easier than I thought it would be. K even helped!! Kind of fun getting her involved in the house maintenance stuff.
BLOG 25 May 04 Close to the hotel in San Diego was a nude joint called the body shop. I went over to Jack in the Box for dinner and while I was waiting for my food, I looked out the window and noticed the people coming in and out of the other establishment. Mostly older men but as I stood there staring out the window, I noticed a few young Marines in uniform. I had the perfect opportunity to sit there and watch the people without venturing across the street and being observed. The executives and their Lexus and Cadillacs came and went, two young women got into a beater car and left. I was thinking about the injustice there. How do I turn off the sex trade? My decision was not to become a part of it and give them money and watch. That is my part.

This reminded me of a conversation I had in my Sunday school class earlier in the week on how Alexandria is chasing the homeless out of the city. We talked about the people camping in the woods to live and how few people notice them.

Dear God, What have you called me to do? Be a social advocate for people? Live a better life than those I want to serve? How can I serve those who need help too? Or am I there to tell them about a better way – a better life? One of love, hope, peace instead of drugs, alcohol, sex and things that distract us away from a life of You.